Sunday, April 5, 2009


The picture above is of half of my pantry and I also have a separate spice cabinet, separate condiment cabinet and separate seed/grain cabinet.

I challenge you. See if you can live off of what is in your frig, freezer and pantry for 2 weeks without going to the store(this is perfect for me because I do not like going to the grocery store.) You can go to the store to buy milk, eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables but that is it. See if you can do it. Start it the week after Easter after you have gone to the store. I will let you know how Brent and I did at the end of the 2 weeks on this challenge.

No one can really tell you what constitutes a well stocked pantry for your household, only you can but there are plenty of guidelines on the internet that can assist you.


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Tracy said...

What a great challenge! I'm up for it. I just went to the grocery yesterday and think I can do this! Glad we can still get fresh fruit, milk & eggs. Thanks!