Friday, June 26, 2009

Busyness of LIfe

Maybe because it is summer, I just don't seem to have time to post like I would like too. We are just plain busy...I am happy to say that our TV watching might be a few hours a week (if that much) we just don't watch TV anymore...and definitely no news. We really have not watched it since February. We do have a clue about what is going on, Iran, China, North Korea, economy, etc....even that celebrities die...I am sorry for their families but I do not understand how perfect strangers can be so distraught over it...I am tenderheart to the lady that I work with whose husband died 2 weeks and ago. Both of them worked with me, Monday will be a tearful day for all of us when she comes back....but celebrities...and the White House issues a statement about one of them...

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Susan said...

Hey Renee,

We've been busy too. It seems like when I've missed the news, I find out I haven't "missed anything". They do repeat everything over and over!

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Sorry to read about your friend's husband♥