Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Hiatus

It has been a long hiatus from blogging. Let me give you a small update.
1. My reading through the Bible has gone well. I am into Exodus, still Psalm and starting John tomorrow morning. It has been the best read through the Bible because even if you miss a week you are not behind when you start again. I don't feel like a failure.
2. We did not get much out of the garden this year. We did get some peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, rosemary, zucchini, summer squash and basil. The luffas are coming out right now.
3. The quail are gone but we do have 8 hens and 2 ducks. We are getting about 5-8 eggs a day. Unfortunately, the ducks are both male. So instead of Ozzie and Harriet, as of this morning they are Ozzie and Harry.
4. My job is good. My husband's new business is doing well.
5. The house still has not had any work done to it since December when we painted the kitchen and adjacent room red. We have both been busy.

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Susan said...

Hey Renee,

Welcome back! Good to hear things are going well for you.