Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repotting Herbs

We have an Aero-Garden. Mint, sweet basil, dill, chives, purple basil and thyme are in it and Brent put some tomato seeds in the one that had parsley in it (it never grew.) Today, we are going to re-pot the mint, sweet basil, dill and thyme. Cooking with fresh herbs is wonderful...they bring an amazing flavor to food. They really enhance the flavor of what ever you are cooking.

I found out when I cooked some new potatoes and could not find any flat leaf Italian parsley that dill is AWESOME in new potatoes. I always thought dill was for fish but boy was I proven wrong...try some. If you have a recipe that calls for fresh herb, instead of buy it from the produce dept go to the garden center and see if they have any in pots. The price is about the same and then you can grow then yourself!!!!

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