Friday, March 13, 2009

First Post

Well, this is my first blog and first post. I wanted it to express what is going on in my life right now. I am not going to start at my birth and tell everything that has happened to me from then to today. I am going to start with today.....

My husband and I have been married for 2 years and 6 months. He is a wonderful man. He is has a tremendous heart for God. Pours himself into God's Word....and he loves me.

We have a desire to live our life sustaining on God's Word and off our bit of land. We live in a neighborhood in Mississippi. We have 4 lots and we are learning to use it. More on a later post on how we are using the land.

As important as living off the land is to me, it is more important to live by God's Word. I was raised Presbyterian. After college, I went to an Assembly of God church primarily. I also went to a Southern Baptist Church for a few years. Not until after Hurricane Katrina, did I realize how "religious" I was. Since my husband and I have not found a church where we live right now, I have plunged myself into God's Word. Brent, my husband, had introduced me to Kenneth Copeland Ministries. I was a little leery of his ministry, a Word of Faith ministry(they had a reputation of being the blab it and grab it faith) but I thought, well, I am a big girl and if I don't like what I hear...well then I won't listen to it....

Well, I have heard. It is not that at all...they teach God's Word. I have grown more under his ministry then any of the ones that I went to before.

Disclaimer here: I am not saying that the Presbyterians, Assembly of God or Southern Baptist do not preach the Word of God. They do. It just did not reach me at that time in my life.

On this blog I will sharing a favorite blog sites, recipes (friends at work will be happy), gardening tips, household tips, being a helpmet, exercises, eating, farmers markets, etc.

I hope you enjoy my eclectic blog.



Susan said...

Hi Renee,

Welcome to the blogoshere! I'm so excited you decided blog! I will look forward to your posts.

I'm so excited to read all God is doing in your life now.

I knew a long time ago the Lord had someone very special picked out just for you, and He did!!

It's great being in touch again!

Blessings to you♥

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Thanks for sportin' our Wild Olive Tees button. You have one entry into our giveaway! (btw you can get 4 more by simply writing a post about WO with a link) :)

Welcome to bloggyville!


Tracy said...

Hi Renee!
Welcome to blogworld! I think you'll be amazed at the way God uses this tool. I've made some amazing friendships and really grown in my Christian walk since starting to blog a little over a year ago. Your subject matter are things that interests me, so I'm looking forward to visiting often!

I pray God blesses you, your hubby and your blog! = ) Always nice to meet a new sister and friend.