Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Force of Righteousness

Well, I have finished this little book. I recommend it to anyone that wants to understand what our standing is before God in Jesus Christ.

Below is a piece from the book that really spoke to me:

"The righteousness of God in Jesus Christ is the driving force behind our faith, causing us to triumph in His Name.

Jesus triumphed over Satan in three areas.

First, during His earthly ministry, He spoke to Satan and said, "It is written..." (Matthew 4:4,7,10), and Satan had to obey the Word of God.

Second, at the cross and resurrection, Jesus stripped Satan of his power and took the keys of hell and death.

However, the third and most important area of Jesus' triumph over Satan is His victory in the new birth. It was impossible in Satan's thinking for God to take a man in sin, turn him into righteousness, give him the armor of God and enable him to triumph as Jesus did. This is victory of the highest order! Sin turned into righteousness! Death turned into life!"

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LisaShaw said...

Hi Renee,

Saw you over at my sweet friend Tracy. I enjoyed this message!

Yes, those are three incredible ways the Lord has triumphed over satan and it is all three of those reasons combined that we can/must celebrate Christ and live for, in and through Him.


Thank you for sharing a powerful message!